• Tuscan Tomato Sauce and Spicy Meatballs

    If anyone ever tells you that this Tuscan tomato sauce isn't authentic just tell them, "It's authentic in my kitchen Beotch."  Chiles and raisins play spicy and sweet roles in these delicious meatballs.  A lady from Italy taught me to make meatballs this way.  I used to have dinner with her family at their home in New York on Sundays.  Badda Bing Badda Boom.  Yes I did.  And, I reserve the right...I grew up in the Jerz.

  • Melon Basil Sorbet with Baked Proscuitto

    This recipe is a twisted, deconstructed, frozen rendition of Prosciutto e Melone with typical ChileBomb flair.  Spicy, salty prosciutto heats it up while the refreshing smooth and sweet Melon Basil sorbet quenches the flames.  This is the perfect appetizer for an end of summer out door party.  You could also leave out the prosciutto and serve the sorbet for dessert if you prefer but it wouldn't have the same "kick."

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Dave's Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

on Wednesday, 11 August 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

So hot it's spooky

I had the pleasure of tasting Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce today.  This hot sauce is made with the famed and acclaimed Bhut Jolokia pepper.  A pin sized drop of this hot sauce on the tine of a fork lit me up so there was only one thing I could do - I needed to put a few more drops on my tacos.  Was I possessed?  Did it haunt my tacos ?  I'm not entirely sure but it made me think that I might need to use a ten star rating system for the heat in these reviews.

Upon reading the label I realized that Bhut Jolokia pepper (also known as the Ghost Pepper and Naga Jolokia) is the first ingredient in this Spooky Sauce.  And as if the hottest pepper in the world wasn't insanely hot enough Dave decided to add some pepper extract for good measure.

When I tasted it I immediately noticed the subtle smoky flavor that everyone seems to mention when they describe the flavor of Jolokia peppers.  A few moments later, heat followed flavor and my salivary glands went into overdrive.  It made me sweat and sniffle and when I was done foaming at the mouth a comfortable and familiar chile pepper euphoria set in.  This hot sauce is certainly not for lightweights.  If you have any brains when you ingest this sauce they'll be gone shortly after the first drop.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that this sauce is badass.  So if you're looking for something hotter than your run of the mill habanero sauce or if you want to experiment with facial spontaneous combustion then this is about the right heat level.

My only dig is that this sauce was a tad thicker than I like.  With a sauce this hot you don't want to smack the bottom of the bottle to force out a small drop only to have a giant gob accost your food.  In summary, this sauce gets high ratings for flavor, consistency and especially heat. Good stuff.

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  • hot head
    13 August 2010 at 15:26 |

    FACIAL SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! LOL! i've seen this before but passed it up. maybe i will...

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