• Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

    Homemade chicken enchiladas verdes oh my!  These enchiladas are stuffed with seasoned shredded chicken and topped with homemade spicy tomatillo sauce.  This is one fantastic spicy recipe if I don't say so myself.  If there are any authentic Mexican food buffs out there let me know what you think.

  • Huevos con Chorizo with Black Beans

    This is a perfect way to start a day even if you aren't hungover.  The chorizo adds richness to the eggs and the serrano peppers add a nice crunch.  Warm tortillas and black beans with roasted corn make the perfect accompaniments.

Dave's Gourmet Total Insanity Sauce

on Sunday, 23 January 2011. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

Insane Heat with a Garlicky Flavor!

Dave's Total Insanity Hot Sauce isn't for the faint of heart.  It's not Dave's hottest sauce but it can hold it's own.  It has a long list of ingredients which contribute to the sauce in very different ways.  Dave's Gourmet has been in the hot sauce game for quite a while now and they've built up a good amount of street credit.

Fresh Ghost Peppers from MarxFoods

on Saturday, 30 October 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

It's pretty difficult to describe the intense heat of Ghost Peppers to people who've never eaten one.  It's like describing the color red to someone who has been blind for their whole life.  Scorching, painful, gut melting - all terms that come to mind.  Downright scary - maybe to some.  Spooky - probably not.  Ghost peppers are also known as Naga Jolokia or Bhut Jolokia and they currently hold the title as the hottest chile in the world.  And, I'm lucky enough to have a box of them in my fridge and one of them in my belly.

Hotlanta Hot Sauce: Original Sweet Southern Heat

on Monday, 25 October 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

Second Place Scovie Award for the Medium Category

It seemed totally appropriate for me to review Hotlanta Hot Sauce Original Sweet Southern Heat for two reasons.  First, it just won a Scovie Award and second, they cook it up right here in Atlanta, GA.  I've kept a bottle of this stuff around since I first tasted it and it's a sauce that will continue to stay in my "arsenal" indefinitely.

Fiery Foods Competition Announces 2011 Scovie Award Winners

on Friday, 22 October 2010. Posted in Spicy Foodie Facts & Info, Tips & Info, Reviews and Tips

Unprecedented tie for grand prize fires up competitors

Albuquerque, NM – For the first time in 15 years, the annual Scovie Awards has announced that two products will take home the coveted overall grand prize. Barhyte Specialty Foods’ Saucy Mama Creamy Horseradish and Poco Dolce’s Super Chile Toffee Squares were separated by less than a thousandth of a point, leading to the first two-way tie in Scovie Award history.

Cooking Disasters: A Plunge in the Fryer

on Sunday, 26 September 2010. Posted in Tips & Info, Cooking Stories, Reviews and Tips

Don't try this at home.

Everyone has stories about kitchen disasters.  Loose caps, too much hot sauce or mislabeled packages all lead to funny and sometimes painful cooking disasters.  Most kitchen blow-ups are harmless but there are some that are downright dangerous.  In fact my worst kitchen disaster could have been a serious tragedy but I got lucky - really lucky.

Making Ice Cream: The Science of Ice Cream

on Friday, 03 September 2010. Posted in Tips, Reviews, Tips & Info, Reviews and Tips

Let there be ice cream!

Whenever I do something, I go balls to the walls with it and that rings true for making ice cream.  My thinking is that if I understand it's science, how it's made and what role each ingredient plays I should more easily be able to make my own.  Knowledge allows me to experiment a bit without blowing up the kitchen too badly.  I guess my thirst for knowledge is also partly due to the fact that I'm a huge nerd.  And, not the type with the bandaid on my glasses so much as the type that makes every effort possible to be a walking encyclopedia.

So, exactly what is the science behind ice cream?

Three Must-Have Magazines for Chile-Heads

on Tuesday, 27 July 2010. Posted in Foodie Stuff, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

Top Three Bangin' Periodicals

I don't know about you but I'm a magazine junky.  Call me strange but I read them backwards the first time round - must be some kind of mental condition.  I also get easily distracted.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, the three most important magazines for any chile-head who loves to cook.  Fine Cooking Magazine, Bon Appetit Magazine and last but not least, Chile Pepper Magazine are the ones I'm talking about.  But, why these three specifically?

I'm sure it's fairly obvious as to why Chile Pepper Magazine would be such an important read for a chile-head and I'm sure you have more than a vague idea regarding my reasons for touting the other two as such.  However, I still feel the need to ramble on... plus, I want to share something beyond reasons - a philosophy if you will - regarding why an aspiring home chef should read these three periodicals "periodically" (pun intended).

Cutting Boards: Wood or Plastic?

on Friday, 23 July 2010. Posted in Tips, Tips & Info, Reviews and Tips

Which is more sanitary?

A chef's cutting board and his knives are the two most important tools of the trade.  They are also two integral elements of a "food safe" kitchen.  Both should be regarded with great respect and tradition.  By properly cleaning and maintaining them you'll ensure that it's safe to use your knives and effectively prevent food contamination.  I'll give you some pointers on keeping your cutting boards in tip-top shape in this epic tip.

Melinda's Original Habanero Pepper XXXtra Hot Sauce

on Sunday, 31 October 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

Hide your children it's XXXtra hot!

I haven't tried all of the hot sauces that Melinda's produces but I love the ones that I have tried.  The reason that I like Melinda's so much is these sauces are fantastic, have a high degree of heat and are available for a few bucks in your local supermarket.  Well, they're available in MY local supermarket anyway.

Walkerswood Hot Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

on Wednesday, 27 October 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

An "off the shelf" hot sauce reviewed.

Every once in awhile I'm guilty of an impulse buy and more often than not, the product is a spicy one.  This time I was in the supermarket and I passed a shelf of hotsauce.  There were a few sauces I hadn't yet tried so I grabbed a bottle of Walkerswood Hot Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce.  It's a relatively inexpensive bottle of hot sauce so I figured I'd give it a spin.

Video: Scott Roberts vs. Blair's Ultra Death Sauce

on Monday, 25 October 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

I have my money on Scott

Chile and hot sauce eating videos have become extremely popular over the past few years.  Our friend, Scott Roberts, decided to take on Blair's Ultra Death Hot Sauce on video a few months ago so I figured I'd share it with you fine folks.  While some people resort to eating chile peppers, hot sauce or other spicy foods to put themselves into a world of hurt ala "Jackass" for entertainment purposes, Scott's video is much more informative.  This video says so much more than a written article ever could and Scott has an interesting and entertaining style.

GastHaus Restaurant in Cumming Georgia

on Thursday, 07 October 2010. Posted in Restaurants, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

A hidden gem that isn't so hidden after all.

Cumming Georgia isn't the first place that you'd expect to find really great German food with any semblance of authenticity but Gasthaus Restaurant isn't what you'd expect.  While most other restaurants in Cumming are grilling steaks seasoned with mixes that were sent to them straight from "corporate", Chef Reinhold Weger at Gasthaus is carefully preparing authentic German meals from scratch and is making his guests extremely happy in doing so.  Gasthaus Restaurant was rated the #22 German Restaurant in the country by GermanDeli.com but I'm giving it five stars. Er...chiles.  Whatever.

The Scoville Scale: How Hot is Hot?

on Thursday, 16 September 2010. Posted in Spicy Foodie Facts & Info, Tips & Info, Reviews and Tips

How hot is hot?

The Scoville scale has been the standard measure of "heat" in chile peppers since it was invented by Wilbur Scoville in 1912.  Over the years the Scoville scale has become less of a mystery given the growing popularity of spicy food and the interest in the health benefits of chile peppers.  Given the nature of ChileBomb I felt that it was fitting for me to follow suit and include an explanation of the Scoville scale.  After all this very site is dedicated to the almighty capsicum.

Dave's Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

on Wednesday, 11 August 2010. Posted in Hot Sauce & Prepared Food, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

So hot it's spooky

I had the pleasure of tasting Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce today.  This hot sauce is made with the famed and acclaimed Bhut Jolokia pepper.  A pin sized drop of this hot sauce on the tine of a fork lit me up so there was only one thing I could do - I needed to put a few more drops on my tacos.  Was I possessed?  Did it haunt my tacos ?  I'm not entirely sure but it made me think that I might need to use a ten star rating system for the heat in these reviews.

Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump

on Tuesday, 27 July 2010. Posted in Foodie Stuff, Reviews, Reviews and Tips

Keepin' it clean = food safety.

The sensor soap pump dispenses soap touch-free to help avoid cross-contamination.  Simply place your hand under the sensor to dispense soap automatically.  An optional LED light timer blinks for 20 seconds to indicate how long to lather for germ-free hands. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Knife Maintenance

on Friday, 23 July 2010. Posted in Tips, Tips & Info, Reviews and Tips

Stay Sharp!

Sometimes people don't realize that you are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than with a sharp one.  If you need to use a sawing motion to get through a tomato skin; if a vein is popping out in your head while you're trimming chicken; if you need to start with a shoulder level swing to make it all the way through a carrot then it's time to sharpen your knives.

When you're struggling you have less control over the knife, you're more likely to slip, cut yourself and mangle your tomato.  When your knife slides easily through the food that you're preparing you have a much lower risk of cutting yourself.  If your knife is sharp enough then the weight of the knife with slight pressure should slice right through the that pesky tomato skin.